Oct 6, 2012

Project 365 {2012}: Week Fourty in Review

September 29th:  Landon had another game against the Steelers.  The first game was a bust (our team didn't score), but this game was exciting.  Although we didn't win, we definitely gave the Steelers a run for their money, and the first time that has ever happened with the Steelers.  I don't think they knew how to handle it because they usually kill everyone they play on the field.  We were so proud of our Cowboys!

September 30th:  A photo shoot I like to call "magical fun-fest".  I loved how colorful they were - clothing and personality.  It was brilliant!  Their kids were to die for and enjoyed hanging out with them. 

October 1st:  I normally don't post these types of pictures, but given the circumstances, I couldn't resist.  Landon and I were watching DWTS Monday night when Val (one of the male dancers) was goofing around during his rehearsal in a bra.  Only his bra was filled with water balloons.  The next thing I know Landon comes around the corner wearing my bra and prances around the house doing his "Landon" dance.  It was hysterical, I can't lie.  Landon is known for having a great personality and witty sense of humor.  He cracks me up!

October 2nd:  I walked around and saw this pine tree in the distance.   I'm not sure what those brown things are.  I know nothing about trees.  But, I think that's pretty evident.

October 3rd:  The Cowboys had a scrimmage against Clarksville.  I'm still unsure as to why they had to be in game gear.  Maybe for liability purposes?  Game pants vs. practice pants doesn't seem to make a big difference to me.  Confused.

October 4th:  The boys had a pizza party because the coach thought they had done a great job this season so far.  I would have to agree.

October 5th:  I had to take Liam back to the doctor for bug bites.  Bugs love our little guy, especially his face.  With the West Nile lurking in Indiana, I didn't want to take my chances and assume they would go away on their own.  The last time the doctor put him on an antibiotic, which is what I thought would happen this time.  The doctor decided to hold off for a couple days and monitor him to see if his face gets worse.  His face is definitely swollen, but it's slowly coming back to it's "normal" stage.  Looks like Liam will be wearing bug repellent 24/7 now.  Poor kid.

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