Oct 24, 2012

Project 365 {2012}: Week Forty-Two in Review

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

October 13th:  These boys were hilarious!  I loved taking pictures of them in such a fun, goofy mood.

October 14th:  I had a senior photo shoot with Reid.  She is such a pretty girl and so sweet on top of that.  I don't think mom and dad are anywhere near prepared to deal with boys knocking down their door.

October 15th:  I was in the mood for some fall goodness around the house, so what better way that to start with Apple Cinnamon?!  Yum!

October 16th:  Lately I have been obsessed with blankets - different colors and textures.  I got these two fleece blankets for $10.  Bargain!

October 17th:  Liam was hanging out with me at Landon's football practice.  He is developing a fun personality more and more every day.  He is such a stinker.

October 18th:  Again, Liam playing with me during Landon's practice.  He's a hoot.

October 19th:  I didn't have too much going on, but I found this in the yard and thought it was fitting for the season.  Go, Cowboys (Landon's team)!



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