Sep 1, 2012

Project 365 {2012}: Weeks Thirty-Four and Thirty-Five in Review

I have gotten so behind lately.  I love visiting blogs and Facebook pages to drop a comment or two, but I've been a bad follower these last couple of weeks or longer.  I can't seem to find my break.  I've been busier with the kids now that school is in session (six trips back and forth a day) and Landon's practices are a few days (or more) a week and games/events have been almost every weekend.  I have also been up to my eyeballs trying to fit family in visiting from Korea and an abundance of photo shoots (photographing and scheduling).  I've been trying to play good mommy and focus on the more important things (not that others are less important).  I can see a big difference in Landon's attitude now that I have put other things on hold.  I love spending time with my kids.  But, I don't like being all.  If I can find a way to clone myself, I'd be all set in life.

Week Thirty-Four
August 18th - August 24th

August 18th

Family Fun Day at the football field for family and friends.  We had more fun than I thought we would.  

August 19th

We had a preseason scrimmage.  The Cowboys did an excellent job!

August 20th

Liam taking on tooth-brushing.  He's not consistent but showing more initiative (with a little bribery).  He's definitely proud of himself.

August 21st

Landon wore his Dad's old football jersey to practice for the first time.  He loved showing it off.  I think it made him feel tough knowing that someone much older (and bigger) once wore it.  The two are now inseparable.  And this, ladies and gents, is the main reason I love having boys.  I loved watching him run around the field with his name already printed on the back.  I got goose bumps the moment he put it on.

August 22nd

Just another practice day.  Probably one of the worst for the entire team.  I think school and sleep schedules changing were finally catching up with these guys.

August 23rd

Landon is an offensive guard.  In case you are unfamiliar with positions, he's a front lineman (the guys in a three point stance in the front) who block the other team.  The quarterback's bodyguard, if you will.  He was sitting out while defense took the field.

It's an understatement when I say my glasses have been through hell.  My kids have thrown them, they've been lost and found and lost again, left on top on my car and then fallen off into the street, kicked, pulled, sat on, you name it.  If you notice, my gems on the side of my glasses are missing - that was from a good toss across the room.  Yes, folks, this is what happens when I fail to put an alarm on my belongings.  Little people like to play not-so-nice with my things.  Have kids?  Well, you know exactly what I am talking about.  Liam was in the midst of playing with them, putting them on and taking them off, when he chucked them a few feet away.  Because Liam wouldn't hold still long enough for me to snap a picture of his cuteness, I took a picture of my poor, highly abused glasses.  Thanks for hanging in there.  It will all be over soon enough, Mr. Glasses, I promise.

Week Thirty-Five
August 25th - August 31st

August 25th

August 25th

Aaron and I celebrated our wedding anniversary.  See what happens after fifteen years of being together?  Things get a little cooky.  On a side note:  You know what they say about people with light eyes and a bright sky mixture?  A lot of sensitivity to light and watery, squinty eyes.  It took everything I had to keep my eyes open as well as decent looking enough for one or two photographs.  Considering the situation, I'd say they turned out pretty well.  Thank you, Landon, for playing an excellent and super talented photographer.  You rock!  I especially liked the direction he was giving us.  "Turn your head this way", "Dad, kiss mom", "Make funny faces", etc.  Funny stuff.

August 26th

August 26th

My niece, Blair, was in town from Korea.  See the family resemblance between the two pictures above?  Yeah, that's how we roll.  And, Blair gets the national photo bomber award in our family for all of her goofy faces in photographs.  I mean, every photo.  I think I had to take a gazillion to get a handful.  I love her, though, goofy face or not.  Then, we all hurried home to freshen up to watch Landon's first game of the season against the Cards.  We cheered, he gave us a thumbs up.  We yelled, he gave us a wink.  I'd say he's likin' this football thing, especially his fans.  He'll be signing autographs soon, I promise.

August 27th

Liam came into the kitchen and used the pincer grasp movement to let me know he wanted a piece of doughnut.  I grabbed one from the box and placed it on a plate.  He quickly moved to the dining room table where he climbed as fast as he's ever climbed.  He loves doughnuts, folks.  I think this might be his favorite breakfast food of all time.  It's a good thing I snapped a photo when I did because it was gone in 60 seconds or less, my friends.  Gone.  Liam has a few cute, catchy nicknames, but piranha may be a little more fitting in this situation.  Seriously, gone.

 August 28th

I realized that I really don't get too many pictures of our dog, Peyton.  Mainly because I am busy doing other things or he won't stand still long enough to get a good one.  I just happen to be coming around the corner this time when I saw that adorable face staring back at me.  Snap!  

August 29th

We have these weird weeds growing on our yard.  I only say weird because they grow faster than anything else living in our yard and they are actually somewhat attractive.  When I hear the word 'weed' I think of the nastiest looking thing on the planet.  I thought these yellow flowers were pretty.

August 30th

It was just one of those days where coffee was a must and one hell of a sidekick for the day.

August 31st

I was walking around when I felt something hit me, quite a few things actually.  I looked at the ground and noticed small, opened shells.  The first thought was 'what the heck', then I realized that a sneaky squirrel was hiding (and eating) on one of the tree branches above me.  I figured if the squirrel could interrupt my quiet time down below, I could interfere with his lunch time up above.  Fair trade.
I hope everyone had a great couple of weeks!

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