Sep 9, 2012

Project 365 {2012}: Week Thirty-Six in Review

September 1st

September 1st:  I had a photo shoot with a little blonde babe.

September 2nd

September 2nd:  Liam massacred a doughnut.  Poor doughnut.  

September 3rd

September 3rd:  A client used these letters for their photo shoot.  At the end of the shoot they gave them to me to use for future shoots.  I'm not sure if I will, but I thought I would try to clean them up just in case.

September 4th

September 4th:  Landon and Liam followed me outside to get the mail.  I found them sitting on the porch kissing, hugging and playing - doing what they do best.  I told Landon that I missed his silly faces, so naturally, he graced the camera one more time just for me.

September 5th

September 5th:  Liam never had anything to do with suckers until recently.  Now it's all he wants!  Silly kid.

September 6th

September 6th:  Liam's art work from preschool.  I loved it!

September 7th

September 7th:  Landon had Youth Night at a local high school on Friday.  He walked the field with his team, along with other teams in the league.  The high school boys had a game that night, so the little "Jeff's future football players", as they called them, lined up and waited for the "big boys" to smack their hands.  Landon loved it and been talking about it ever since.  Oh yes, and this is the best school spirit I've ever seen.  The local news had a field day with this bunch.

I hope everyone had a great week!

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