Sep 9, 2012

Happy Birthday, Herculiam!

I'll admit, I love party-planning.  But, let me just say, it wears me completely out.  His birthday was August 12th, I just seem to be behind all the time.  I decided to do the firefighter theme this year for his party because he is our little hero.  He has come so far and conquered so many obstacles while maintaining that cute, dimply smile and care-free attitude.  He really is someone to look up to.  Nothing has ever bothered him during this process and he's still going strong as the big three-year-old boy he is today.  With encouragement, positivity, and support from loved ones, he'll go far.

Liam had the time of his life.  This birthday was all about opening ripping through the presents and enjoying cake and ice cream.  Last year, he had a thing with cold foods and wouldn't touch the ice cream.  He had a great time hanging out with his friends and family.  I can't wait to see how much he changes from this birthday to the next.

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I love his "Engine Co. No. 3" shirt.  It was perfect for the event.   He is also still obsessed with balloons.  It was a challenge to keep him from climbing to get them off the table.  I finally caved and let him have one.

Showing us his cuteness.

And, his goodies.

Reading cards with Dad.

Giving kisses to all of his guests.  He gets that from me. Ha!  He even kissed tables and chairs.  Liam's never been big into leaving anyone or anything out.

Oh, there I am!

And, of course, the infamous all boy pictures.  I must say, much better than usual.

A little "me" time for birthday boy.

I look forward to watching you grow even more, baby boy!

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