Aug 11, 2012

Project 365 {2012} Week Thirty-Two in Review

August 4th

August 4th:  Another photo shoot with cute kids!  Livy was turning a year and Ash turned eight.  I love my job.

August 5th

August 5th:  I saw a sun flare opp and I took it - nothing special.  

August 6th

August 6th:  Landon at football practice.

August 7th

August 7th:  Another football practice.

August 8th

August 8th:  Landon's first day back to school as a 3rd grader.  He's so big now!

August 9th

August 9th:  I didn't have much going on over the next couple of days so I tried to find something to take a picture of.  Again, nothing special.  This is my neighbor's potted plant.  Because the heat has been so bad here, everything is drying up.  Sad.

August 10th

August 10th:  One of the few flowers that has survived the high temps. 

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