Aug 11, 2012

Project 365 {2012} Week Thirty-One in Review

July 28th

July 28th:  Landon had his last workout training.  Aaron and Liam were strolling the field while watching Landon play.

July 29th

July 29th:  A photo shoot for a 7th and 4th birthday.  The four-year-old couldn't have been any cuter.  Those eyes!!!!  Seriously.

July 30th

July 30th:  An attack of ants in our kitchen area.  One way to catch them is to leave a coffee spoon sitting out.  This is one thing about summer I do not like.

July 31st

July 31st:  Landon and Kylie pretended to smooch while their Lego mini-mes did the same.  I loved Kylie's blue hair and Landon's two-sided eyeballs.

August 1st

August 1st:  Liam is the most affectionate toddler I know.  He is really getting into giving kisses before nap and bedtime (and of course, in-between times).  I love how he needs a minimum of fifteen before passing out.  He is also getting better a using his tongue for various things, such as licking a sucker.  He graduated from a simple dry pucker kiss to a frenchie overnight.  Love it.

August 2nd

August 2nd:  I forgot to take pictures of Landon getting his pads, pants, and helmet the day before so I had him try them on for a quick pic.  He looks so handsome (and tough).

August 3rd

August 3rd:  Kylie's last day with us before heading back to school.  We had to get pizza!  We will miss her!  Also, this was my mom's birthday.  Happy birthday, Mom!

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