Aug 12, 2012

Oh Gee, You're Three

I feel like a broken record when I say, "Where did the time go?"  I know we've been busy keeping up with our busy bee, but seriously! 

When Liam first started First Steps he was about a year old.  When the Service Coordinator sat me down to discuss everything about Liam, one of the things she asked was, "What are some positives about Liam?"  When she asked me about the negatives, I had no problem blurting out all the delays or issues we were having.  But I had no idea the positives would be so difficult and just sat there with a blank look on my face.  Then, I cried thinking I was such a horrible parent for not having more faith, or anything nice to say about my own son.  I was overwhelmed with why he was getting involved in First Steps in the first place...and sad...and worried.  Let's just say those days are over.  I'm a new mom with a new outlook and I am ready to "brag" about my little one.  In fact, I've been at this place in my life for quite some time.  Not only has Liam grown, I have as well.  A child can teach you so much.


Liam is signing thirty-something words now.  He uses some of them without mentioning the word or asked. 

Liam is lively and spunky.  He enjoys playing with kids, especially his brother.  He is one big ball of energy.

He is smart.  He retains so much and uses his problem-solving skills daily. 

He will be starting preschool tomorrow.  Good things will come from being around other kids his age.  Right now, our biggest issues that we hope to see improved with peer pressure would be:  Transitioning to a sippy cup, feeding, and speech.  We are also looking forward to a more detailed potty-training schedule.  Since his brace, we haven't pushed the issue too much, but he's been letting us know by patting his diaper after he's gone.  I think that is a good sign that he's ready to move to the next step.

Liam is fun and makes you smile all the time.  He makes funny faces and has quite a sense of humor.  But, he's a typical toddler and tests his boundaries more than I would like for him to.

He's the most lovable little guy I know.  He loves to hug and kiss, and over the last year, he has become quite a little cuddle bug.  Granted, he doesn't last long in a more confined position, but loves it nonetheless.

He eats a variety of food if given the opportunity.  His sensitivity for cold foods/drinks has improved immensely.  If he sees you eating/snacking he wants to partake in it.  He will walk up to you and open his mouth like a baby bird for you to feed him.  This is probably my favorite.  And, I love the "Aaaaahhhh" that come with it. 

When things are at a low or we are at a point of frustration or disbelief, Liam will always be there to lift us up with his award-winning smile and personality. 

Liam is ticklish.  He loves being tickled and chased around the house or yard.  His most ticklish spot is his knees.  When he gets going he has an elf giggle that absolutely melts your heart.

His favorite game is Ring Around The Rosie and he likes to swing (more by a human than an actual swing).

He is strong, which is why we came up with the nickname Herculiam.  Seems to be a big hit amongst our circle of family, friends, and professionals.  I think his upper body strength came from wheeling himself around in his wheelchair for awhile. 

Liam loves pointing to objects around the house and have me tell him what they are (even if he already knows).  He also loves it when I know what he's trying to say.  He lights up and gets very excited.

His favorite drink is milk. 

His favorite foods/snacks are:  Fries, donuts (various), Oreo 100 calorie snack cookies, mashed potatoes, chicken nuggets, twist breakfast bars, and hot dogs.

He doesn't really have tantrums.  He may grunt or make some sort of noise but it only lasts a few seconds and he moves on.  The only time we've ever had a problem with this is when he either wasn't ready to exit the bathtub or pool.  But, even then it wasn't a complete meltdown and didn't last long.

Liam LOVES water.

He is getting better at brushing his teeth (with my help).  He's had texture issues so teeth brushing can be a challenge.  We're getting there.

Liam loves our floor fans.  I think he is more interested in how they work than anything. 

When Liam hurts himself, we always have to kiss his boo-boos - no matter how minor or severe.


 Happy Birthday, baby big boy!  His theme this year for his party is the firefighter theme.  He's OUR little hero.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugPhoto & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugPhoto & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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