Jul 8, 2012

When Bugs Bite

I'm assuming Liam got a nasty bug bite the night of the 4th because there were no signs of a bug bite beforehand.  But, they do start off small and grow a little bigger with time...and even start to itch in the process.  Well, this one decided to grow a little too much in my opinion.  I thought the worst thing possible, a spider bite.  I knew that the eye was a sensitive part of the body, but I about flipped when he woke up and  could barely see his eye.  He looked like Rocky.  Friday rolled around and I wasn't taking any chances.  After all, it was Friday and the doctor's office would be closed for the weekend.  So, I scurried around the house collecting everything I could to get there in enough time.  They were nice enough to move some schedules around to fit us in so I didn't want to be late and miss my opportunity.  The doctor called it something -a big, long medical word.  Apparently kids get this all the time.  Yes, it was a bug bite.  His eye swelled up because of bacteria so the doctor put Liam on an antibiotic for 10 days.  As of today, his eye is looking much better.  He looked so pitiful, though.

These pictures were taken after a day of meds.  

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Still in good spirits.  Muah!

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