Jul 30, 2012

Visitors From Beyond the Pond

Aaron and I received an invite to visit with friends in town from England.  They weren't here long, maybe a week.  It was nice to catch up with old friends we hadn't seen in awhile and spend quality time together.  Landon hadn't seen "Uncle Steve" and "Aunt Tobi" since he was a toddler.  Steve being a doctor has been tough on him.  He works crazy hours and lives so far away from friends and family.  We're hoping he takes a job a little closer to home so we can make these visits a regular thing.  Haley, Steve's oldest, was nice enough to "babysit" little Liam while us adults hung out and reminisced about the fun days that have seem to become a thing of the past.  Don't get me wrong, we still have fun, just not like before, ya know, pre kids.  Aaron and Steve have been friends since college.  It was nice that Aaron could see him while he was in town.  And, I realized that some things never change between them...and never will.  But, we were never that hip on change anyway.  When we arrived Kari and Greg had a big, inflatable water slide set up in their back yard for the kids.  Naturally, that is the first thing Landon noticed.  And naturally, we didn't get the memo to bring swim gear.  But, the last-minute decision on their part didn't stop our two from having the best time of their lives...nor was I going to interfere.  We had tons of fun and can't wait to do it again...hopefully sooner rather than later.

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