Jul 6, 2012

Photo Shoot: The Boys

I hardly ever get a chance to photograph my own flesh and blood.  You know, like actually sitting down posing in cute clothes with props and capturing sweet moments kinda' photography.  Mainly because I am so busy photographing others (which is not a problem at all) or I'm usually home alone and lack an extra set of hands.  They are both fairly decent when it comes to taking pictures.  I guess I got lucky in that department.  I caught the boys (and myself) in a good mood the other day.  I was full of energy and patience and they were ready to cooperate and be the hams they were intended to be.  I love how much Liam has changed when I give him direction.  At one point in time, I could tell him to stand or sit and off he'd go.  Now, for the most part, I tell him to go back or stand still, he does what I ask of him.  It's fabulous and makes my job less stressful.  This is what I managed to capture that day, and like anyone else I photograph, I let them be themselves.  I think a shoot with kids flows better when they're not given too much to do.

You'll have to excuse the hot spots I failed to clone out.  That's another problem I have when it comes to my own personal shoots.  I get lazy.

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