Jul 6, 2012

A New Sport For Our Growing Sport

This year Landon is starting football - every mom's worst nightmare.  Back in '09 tee ball was the first sport Landon had gotten involved in.  At the end of the season, he told me he thought it was boring and didn't want to play again.  Well, being the smarty that I am, I went for the gusto and put him in one of the toughest contact sports on the planet.  Plus, he wants to play like Daddy did.  It's always cool to be like Dad, especially when a little boy can tell his friends, "Hey, my Dad played too!".  Very hip.

Let's just say that I doubt playing football will be too boring if he has to run like hell from a 100+ lb. nine-year-old.  I've seen the kids.  Seriously scary.

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Thankfully this kid is on his team.  That's a big boy!  Yikes!

Daddy and Liam supporting their #1 player.

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