Jul 4, 2012

Learning To Swim

Aaron and I tried to come up with some activities for Landon this year.  He hadn't had any official swim training since birth so we thought it was time to get him in swim lessons.  This kid is a fish.  I thought for sure he would have far succeeded his classmates' swimming skills with the combination of my background and his love for water.  Nope.  He took to it like the average kid and learned at a steady pace.  Me?  My first day of swim lessons I advanced to the swim team that following week, then the diving team.  Seriously, that quick.  I guess it didn't come as natural to him as I thought it would.  But, he did very well - soaring above and beyond my expectations.  He had a blast and we loved his instructor, who by the way is going to school to be a pediatrician.  Makes perfect sense.  He's great with kiddos for being as young as he is.  Good luck, Lucas!

After swim lessons had come to a close, Landon received a certificate of completion, a day pass to the pool, a t-shirt, and the skills to swim comfortably in water.  Because he loved it so much, we may do another round next year (depending on where he is).

Beware, eight days worth of swim lesson photographs makes for a pretty lengthy post.

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First time on the high dive.


Low dive.

Reward for a good day.

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