Jul 19, 2012

4-H Fair 2012

The 4-H Fair is our annual local event we try to go to every year, mainly for the kids' enjoyment.  This summer we've been having nasty, miserably hot weather, keeping everyone in hiding, but we toughed it out and went anyway.  First we visited the animals and watched the Saddle Club show, in addition to only riding rides like we normally do.  The horses were so pretty and entertaining to watch.  After we felt we had enough of the two and four-legged creatures we headed to the main attraction - the rides.  Landon did his typical stroll through the fair and rode the same rides he does every year, except this time he got up the nerve to ride the Scrambler.  I kept telling warning him that this ride was going to tickle his belly and it will go fast.  He didn't seem phased in the least bit.  Meanwhile, I am having a small panic attack as I let go of his hand to wait in line.  I bowed my head and prayed he didn't get sick or scared.  I was hoping this wouldn't be the ride to end his love for carnival/amusement park adventures.  You know, like a bad night of drinking tequila?  Yeah, like that.  Surprisingly he did a fantastic job of holding it in and planting a huge smile on his face during the entire ride.  Maybe he did it for me?  I was suddenly comforted when he let out a big laugh and I was then able to fully enjoy his first experience on the Scrambler.

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And then time to go home.  What a fun day!


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