Jun 18, 2012

Father's Day

Aaron sent me a text message over a week ago about wanting to do something fun this past weekend with the boys for his Father's Day.  We usually have some sort of family function in place so I expected him to tell me what our family plans were going to be, which didn't happen this year.  I sat on it and remembered that Landon had talked about going swimming at the JAC.  Landon and I came up with dinner plans later in the week because we knew we would be starving after a day at the pool.  Aaron was pretty stoked about all of it, so that it what we did and off we went.  It was such a great day, and to top it off, I was able to squeeze in a few photos of the three boys at the end of our big weekend. 

Daddy and his goofy, lovable boys:

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I absolutely adored these candids of all of them.  I thought about using cheesy props, but who needs those when you have enough happening right in front of you, right?  GREAT day.

Project 365 {2012}: Week Twenty-Four in Review

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June 9th:  Aaron and I had some time away from the kids to go canoeing.  We had so much fun.  Can't wait to do it again!

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June 10th:  I had a photo shoot with an old friend's little boy, Dylan.  He was such a cutie pie.

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June 11th:  Landon started swim lessons. 

June 12th:  Landon learning to tread water.

June 13th:  Landon made new friends.

June 14th: Landon learning to dive.

June 15th:  Landon getting excited about his second week of art class at Ivy Tech.

Jun 10, 2012

Project 365 {2012}: Week Twenty-Three in Review

June 2nd

June 2nd:  I had a fun, relaxed photo shoot with the Mattingly family.  This is a first-time Grandma with her grandbaby.  He will always be special, and maybe a bit spoiled to boot.  Can you see how happy and proud she is?!  So sweet.

June 3rd

June 3rd:  I had a photo shoot with a four-month-old baby girl and her spunky big brother (and mom, too).

June 4th:  Kylee started staying with us over the summer while her mom worked.  Instead of posting a picture of her, I decided to post one of Liam.  I caught him laying on his favorite blanket.  He looks so peaceful and angelic so I couldn't resist.

June 5th:  All of us took Peyton for a walk around the neighborhood.  Kylee is in love with our dog (and maybe Landon, too).

June 6th:  Liam loves to play in his room by himself.  For the most part he can be trusted to be alone in his room, but every now and then boredom and curiosity kick in.  This time he got a wild hair and pulled his drawer out of his dresser, tossed everything inside around the room, and then made himself comfortable while he played with a few small toys.  He was as happy as he could be.  He cracks me up.  Oh yes, and Happy 6th Birthday, Peyton!

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June 7th:   Liam stole my phone and explored my apps.  He LOVES my phone.

June 8th:  Landon's first day of Ivy Tech Community College's Summer Enrichment Program.  He had a number of classes to choose from and art was his pick.  This was taken before class began.  At first Landon told me that he was scared, so I stayed for a few minutes until I saw how comfortable he was.  Being the first day of anything is a little scary, especially going off to college at eight.  ;)

Jun 2, 2012

Project 365 {2012}: Week Twenty-Two in Review

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May 26th:  I had a photo shoot with two beautiful little girls.

May 27th:  The whole family went outside to wash cars and play in the water.  I love those simple moments.

May 28th:  Aaron caught the three of us snuggling on the floor.  I love my snuggle bugs.

May 29th:  There's not much to say here except that I found Liam making a mess, which is a daily thing.  He loves to pull all of his toys out of our ottoman.  He will even take the time to clean up.  His favorite is putting clothes in the laundry, though. 

May 30th: Landon received an "All A's" award as well as some other academic awards at school so I treated him to one of his favorite places - Burger King.  But, in this case...Burger Queen.  Apparently they don't care what sex your child is, you get what you get.  Thankfully, he wears pink well.

May 31st:  Landon's last day of school.  Can you tell he's excited?  I also received my new phone in the mail.  I like it, but I'm still getting used to it - working out the kinks and such.

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June 1st:  Landon made a crossword out of refrigerator magnets.