May 19, 2012

Jovial Jumpers

It's fun to watch our boys play together.  Since Liam has been in his brace the big thing for him is to jump.  Not only is it great for strength-building, but it helps the bone burrow back in the socket.  He's having to learn as well as get comfortable with jumping (and other activities) all over again.  Looking at him now is amazing thinking back where he started from.  Huge improvement.  He's getting brave as time goes on.  Recently he discovered this game where he stands at the edge of the bed/couch/etc. and falls - whether you're looking or not.  We had a couple of incidences that ended poorly.  It was a simple case of he was quick and I took my eyes away for a few seconds.  He landed on his knees.  Everyone gasped, thinking he hurt himself.  He popped up with a big smile on his face and proceeded to do the stunt all over again.  Oh joy.  I really have to watch my dare devil dude.  No fear whatsoever. Of course, Landon joined in (apparently to show him how it's done with style and grace).  Is there such a thing with boys?

Oh, and you'll have to excuse the out of season t-shirt (a play shirt) Liam is wearing.

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Right back at ya!

It's all fun and games until two brothers bump noggins.

Poor little Liam had an allergy attack.  He doesn't have allergies, but for some reason the allergy fairy thought he needed a visit.

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