May 2, 2012

Holy Prom Batman!

I found this picture on one of my old schoolmate's Facebook pages and I about flipped. I forgot about this picture, just like I have forgotten about most of my high school years. I'm sure there are more lurking out there waiting to pounce only to embarrass the heck out of me.  Friends are great about that.  This was my senior prom. I was sitting around a big table accompanied by friends having fun conversation while listening to the most God awful music at Kye's. I remember Natalie catching me off guard by yelling "Smile!" from across the table (clearly I didn't listen). Back then we all packed around 35mm cameras, so needless to say, there weren't any quick deletes or do-overs in film world.  Lisa being the cheese ball that she was (and why we loved her so much) always smiled at every opportunity - never skipping a beat with her award-winning smile. Me? I looked angry. Like some horny high school jock had just goosed-me in the rear kinda' angry (or maybe just annoyed). So, this is me fancied up in my tuxedo dress on prom night - circa 1995. Good times.

Our styles weren't too bad back then, right?

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