May 26, 2012

And They Call It Puppy Love

Landon has been getting pretty chummy with his neighbor friends, Toby and Grace.  He's always venturing over to their house to play as soon as his back pack hits the floor.  Sometimes he'll even reel them in by playing in his own yard in hopes they will see him outside.  I guess he gets lazy and doesn't want to walk over to ask if they can play.  His strategy works, believe it not.  We all have something to offer for the kids.  Madison and Shelby have a trampoline, we have a huge play set, and Toby and Grace just recently got a pool as well as a sweet little puppy dog to play with.  He is precious and full of energy.  The last few days Landon has been swimming in their pool.  One day I found him on the ground playing with Apollo (the puppy).  From a distance I almost thought something may have been wrong with Landon because he wasn't moving much.  I was curious so I walked over to find that Apollo was licking him to death and Landon was giggling. It was adorable.  Landon is in love with baby Apollo, but who wouldn't be.  He's tiny, lovable, and a ton of fun. 

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