May 26, 2012

And They Call It Puppy Love

Landon has been getting pretty chummy with his neighbor friends, Toby and Grace.  He's always venturing over to their house to play as soon as his back pack hits the floor.  Sometimes he'll even reel them in by playing in his own yard in hopes they will see him outside.  I guess he gets lazy and doesn't want to walk over to ask if they can play.  His strategy works, believe it not.  We all have something to offer for the kids.  Madison and Shelby have a trampoline, we have a huge play set, and Toby and Grace just recently got a pool as well as a sweet little puppy dog to play with.  He is precious and full of energy.  The last few days Landon has been swimming in their pool.  One day I found him on the ground playing with Apollo (the puppy).  From a distance I almost thought something may have been wrong with Landon because he wasn't moving much.  I was curious so I walked over to find that Apollo was licking him to death and Landon was giggling. It was adorable.  Landon is in love with baby Apollo, but who wouldn't be.  He's tiny, lovable, and a ton of fun. 

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May 25, 2012

Project 365 {2012}: Week Twenty-One in Review

May 19th

May 19th:  I had a photo shoot with two families.  So fun!

May 20th

May 20th:  Landon made a new best friend.  His name is Apollo.

May 21st

May 21st:  Landon took a dip in the neighbor's pool for the first time.  I bet that felt great considering how hot it's been here.  Phew!

May 22nd

May 22nd:  My Hostas were taking off.  When the flowers grow, they attract bees so I usually cut them off to avoid getting stung along our walkway.  I like the greenery better anyway.

May 23rd

May 23rd:  I had a photo shoot with a four-year-old little girl.  She was precious.

May 24th

May 24th:  I trimmed our shrubs with our new electric hedge trimmer.  Wow, what a difference!  Definitely beats trimming manually with itty bitty cutters.

May 25th

May 25th:  Landon's new cleats.  Bring on the summer/fall sports, baby!

May 19, 2012

Jovial Jumpers

It's fun to watch our boys play together.  Since Liam has been in his brace the big thing for him is to jump.  Not only is it great for strength-building, but it helps the bone burrow back in the socket.  He's having to learn as well as get comfortable with jumping (and other activities) all over again.  Looking at him now is amazing thinking back where he started from.  Huge improvement.  He's getting brave as time goes on.  Recently he discovered this game where he stands at the edge of the bed/couch/etc. and falls - whether you're looking or not.  We had a couple of incidences that ended poorly.  It was a simple case of he was quick and I took my eyes away for a few seconds.  He landed on his knees.  Everyone gasped, thinking he hurt himself.  He popped up with a big smile on his face and proceeded to do the stunt all over again.  Oh joy.  I really have to watch my dare devil dude.  No fear whatsoever. Of course, Landon joined in (apparently to show him how it's done with style and grace).  Is there such a thing with boys?

Oh, and you'll have to excuse the out of season t-shirt (a play shirt) Liam is wearing.

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Right back at ya!

It's all fun and games until two brothers bump noggins.

Poor little Liam had an allergy attack.  He doesn't have allergies, but for some reason the allergy fairy thought he needed a visit.

Mother's Day Recap

Mother's Day is always a fun time for our family.  This year I decided to give my poor husband a break from grilling out and cook something in the kitchen.  What was I thinking?  It was my day, right?  I'm kidding, I didn't mind a bit.  It makes me happy.  During the day, we found ourselves eating, chatting, exchanging cards as well as...

Being lazy...

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Fiddling with Liam's locks...

Playing games...

Taking snap shots of the Mamas...

Making silly faces...

Catching people off guard...

And of course, posing for a photo with our favorite 91-year-old Grandmama.

Project 365 {2012}: Week Twenty in Review

May 12th:  Landon waiting patiently to go to the circus.

May 13th:  The boys and me on Mother's Day.  I'll post more on this later.

May 14th:  I love our sunsets here.  Nothing exciting, I just love them.

May 15th:  Liam during his Speech Therapy.

May 16th:  Landon and Liam jumping on/off the bed.   

May 17th:  Liam's PT had to schedule a late appointment so Landon joined us for a nice walk/run around the yard.

May 18th:  I have decided to move these to another part of the yard (possibly the back yard).  They are over-taking my landscaping.  I swear they are getting bigger every year. 

 I hope everyone had a great week, and a Happy Mother's Day!

May 11, 2012

Project 365 {2012}: Week Nineteen in Review

May 5th

May 5th:  Liam thought slinging Cheerios across the room might put me in a good mood.  Wrong.

May 6th

May 6th:  The family went to Kart Kountry for the day.  We had so much fun!

May 7th

May 7th:  I caught the morning sun coming through our window.

May 8th

May 8th:  Okay, so I totally get that this is gross (only if you can figure out what it is, right?).  I thought this was a mosquito hanging out in our window seal, but it was a dead moth.  He looks a little mangled in this picture.  Poor moth.

May 9th

May 9th:  Landon and Liam were racing up and down the driveway.  Liam was having a ball!

May 10th

May 10th:  I took a macro shot of a dandelion.  They are so much prettier up close.

May 11th

May 11th:  I picked up my lens from the shop and dropped another one off.  Lately I haven't been having the best of luck with equipment.   I took a picture of the lens cap because I didn't have another lens to use.  Bummer.