Apr 22, 2012

You're Only As Old As You Feel

You know that I am always acting a fool around my kids.  Not only do my kids love it, but I feel good about keeping myself active and showing off my "old people" skills.  I love going for walks, take long bike rides, jumping in puddles, flying in the air, and so much more.  I wish my parents were as active as I am with my own spawn.  I think children need that.  Not too many parents that I know personally do what I do.  Not that I am the best kept secret or anything.  I just love the life I have and the people in it.  When I hear, "That was cool, mom" or "Wow, I didn't know you could still do that at your age" (like I'm old or something), I smile because I know I still got it.  And, I just made my kid's year.

As you also may notice, we spend a lot of time outdoors.  The boys and I had a good time with a rubber ball (I forget where the ball came from).  Things just randomly appear at our house.  But, it's nice for the kids because it makes birthdays and Christmases a breeze.  I'm sorry, did I just say make it easier for the kids??  What am I thinking?  It makes it a ton easier on the parents!  Please, bring on the long lost, mystery toys any day of the week.

P.S. We're taking "mystery" donations, seven days a week.

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What kind of quirky things do you do with your kids?  Please, do tell.

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