Apr 22, 2012

Thunder Over Louisville 2012

Well, here we are again.  Thunder is our annual kick-off for the Kentucky Derby.  Does anyone travel to my neck of the woods for this? It's in the top 100 events in the country.  Liam has never been so we may go one more time so he can experience the big event in its entirety.  The last few years we've just made our way down to the river to view the fireworks and go home after the big finale.  It's fun, no doubt.  I managed to get a few firework shots.  This was the ultimate test to see if my camera and lens were going to cooperate, being in the dark and having focusing issues with one of my lenses (at least I hope it's the lens).  I was shocked I got as many as I did.  By the way, it was freezing.  I don't think I've seen so many parkas, scarves, gloves, etc. in one place since Christmas!  Wowza!  It's a good thing we didn't plan on making a day of it.  We'd all be sick!

We parked our car as close as we were going to get it and headed down closer to the show.  Landon spotted some people on the bridge and thought it might be cool to join the rest of the Thunder crew.  I was a little nervous at first, but then it hit me that it's not too often that we can hang out on a bridge at any time, let alone for a big event.  So, off we went.  We climbed the big hill and saw one heckuva show.  It was by far the best location we had ever been to and Landon had a ball!  When Landon and I took off, later Aaron told me that when he and Liam sat down on the curb, Liam had motioned Daddy to sit next to him then put his little hand on Aaron's knee while sitting there like a good boy.  He said Liam even tried to reach up for the fireworks to touch them.  Good times.

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I love the look of the city in the background.

My kid, ladies and gentlemen.  He just happened to jump in the picture.  "Rock on!"

Time to go home and beat the crowd!


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