Apr 4, 2012

Project 365 {2012}: Week Thirteen in Review

As some of you already know, I took a momcation to get back to where I need to be - stress free and refreshed.  At first, we were all going to go as a family.  I guess you can say fate stepped in.  The girls had already planned everything before I came into the picture (a trip without kids or husbands/boyfriends) so that left my three boys out.  Then, Aaron said he thought it would be a good idea for me to go alone since he knew I could use it.  On top of that, he was looking forward to spending quality time with just the boys.  It all worked out beautifully in the end.  However, when people say something like, "You need a vacation from your vacation", I never understood it until now.  I am more tired than I was before I left.  Phew!

March 24th

March 24th:  The day before I left I wanted to get in some last-minute photos of the kids.  I think panic was setting in at this point because I had never been away from my kids for longer than a couple/three days (I have never been away from Liam as an FYI). 

March 25th

March 25th:  I was packed and ready to go.  I was waiting for the girls to pick me up.

March 26th

March 26th:  I was hanging out in North Carolina.  The scenery was breath-taking.

March 27th

March 27th:  We arrived in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Before checking in to our hotel, we grabbed some good food at the Oceanfront Bar and Grill and shopped for awhile.  One of my favorite stores was the Gay Dolphin.  Loved the name.  Shortly after checking in, I hit the beach to see what cool/fun subjects I could find.

March 28th

March 28th:  About this time, I was missing my boys terribly.  I was imagining Landon picking sea shells and Liam playing in the sand.  Watching parents play with their kids on the beach didn't help matters either.  So, what do I do for my own therapy?  Draw in the sand, of course.  One of the girls and I set our alarms to catch the sunrise.  It was absolutely beautiful and definitely a view I couldn't see from where I live.  We boogie boarded in the ocean, relaxed in the hotel's lazy river as well as the indoor and outdoor pools, enjoyed a nice seafood dinner at Calabash, and chilled out in some hot tubs (I had a few drinks throughout the trip, too).

March 29th

March 29th:  We set out for the pier we had our eyes on the entire time we were in Myrtle Beach.  There were birds and fisherman galore.  The view wasn't too shabby either.  Above the pier was the 2nd Ave. Pier Restaurant and Bar.  We dropped in for a quick bite to hold us over for our BLTs to come later that night.  I don't know about you, but I love fixing my own simple meals in a hotel room.  Kinda' silly, but I love it.

March 30th

March 30th:  This was the last day in South Carolina.  We left the beach and headed to my sister's house where my nephew, his wife, and two kids were hanging out.  I hadn't seen my nephew since he was fifteen.  I guess this is what happens when you live so far away from each other.  And, having a family of your own can do that to you, too.   I had never met my great niece and nephew, so I was making up for lost time by jumping on the trampoline and running amok in the yard in hopes they would remember me if and when I saw them again.  I think I made new best friends being the kid magnet that I am.  It was nice catching up and it was sad to leave them behind.  Since it was my birthday my sister ordered my favorite pizza.  She also made me a few mixed drinks that I'll have to make sometime now that I am home.  Yum!  We had such a great time and can't wait to hang out again! 

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