Apr 28, 2012

Project 365 {2012}: Week Seventeen in Review

April 21st

April 21st:  We had our annual kick-off for the Kentucky Derby - Thunder Over Louisville.

April 22nd

April 22nd:  I had a family photo shoot in Goshen.  I love this photo of the parents.

April 23rd

April 23rd:  My maple is finally blooming.  This was the first year that it took awhile, but Landon had taken a big stick to it and chopped off some of its branches.  This will be gone at some point and replaced with a dogwood.  I love those.

April 24th

April 24th:  Liam had therapy with his DT.

April 25th

April 25th:  Liam had a blast playing in our puddle that sits at the end of our driveway.  I couldn't get over how excited he was.

April 26th

April 26th:  The boys had a cheerio picnic in the front of our house.  Whatever works.

April 27th

April 27th:  The boys made a bed and a chair out of my plants.  Goofy kids.

I hope everyone had a great week.  Today I will be celebrating my Grandmother's 91st birthday!  Her official birthday is May 4th.  Happy birthday, Granny!

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