Apr 14, 2012

Project 365 {2012}: Week Fifteen in Review

April 7th

April 7th:  Liam shows us his fashion sense by wearing adult shoes around the house.  I used to do this as a kid.

April 8th

April 8th:  After our Easter get-together, we noticed we still had some daylight left, and naturally, the kids had more energy to burn.  Landon and his weeds.  He kills me.

April 9th

April 9th:  Liam met our neighbor's puppy for the first time.  Liam was so in awe of the little guy, and shockingly very gentle.

April 10th

April 10th:  I'll call this:  Peyton needs photo love, too.

April 11th

April 11th:  We pulled out some Easter chalk, thinking this chalk would be a little different than the chalk we already had.  Nope, pretty much the same.  At any rate, we drew some balloons (since Liam is quite obsessed) to see if he would try to hold the strings and such.  I laid him on the ground for a more creative shot.  He laid there as still as could be.  Shocking!  Well, it didn't really work out as I had envisioned, but my super-wide lens is in the shop so I couldn't pull this off, even if I really tried with my 50mm.  And, I wasn't about to hit the roof top, I'll tell ya that.  It's still cute, and I could have spent more time on it if it meant that much.  Just something fun to do.  Oh, and I also got my SL back.  *sigh*

April 12th

April 12th:  Liam had his PT session with his favorite PT in the whole world.  Yes, I do realize that Liam is wearing the same shirt in this one and the previous photo.  Mama gets tired of throwing half way decent clothes in the laundry.  But, I did change his pants.  I'm not so bad, right?

April 13th

April 13th:  I trimmed Liam's hair for the gazillionth time.  I think at this point he was over it.   He sprinted off to a more secluded corner to get away from me.  Bad mommy.  Scary mommy.  I love how possessive he is with his toy.  I guess Mr. Block wasn't getting his wood chippings trimmed yesterday. 

I hope everyone had a great week!

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