Apr 5, 2012

Momcation - South Carolina

I'll admit it, I was a little nervous about taking off without my husband and kids.  I went back and forth about it for awhile, thinking I was doing something horribly wrong.  But, after my husband convinced me how much I needed it and how much fun they would have together, I finally decided to do it. I'm not going lie, though, I panicked at first when the car pulled out of the driveway.  I knew once it did, there was no turning back.  Luckily, I had plenty to keep me occupied and I was able to phone home on a daily basis to check in on them.  Hearing their voices made everything better and put my nerves at ease.

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This is us celebrating, crossing state lines. "Whoo hoo!"

North Carolina

This is Amy noticing for the first time that she had disturbed a bee's nest by leaning against the tree.  There were bees everywhere, and it's amazing that she didn't get stung.

It was all good, but we managed to snap a couple of photos and hightail it out of there just in time.

 We witnessed a forest fire in SC.  Kinda' scary.  (this was shot from a speeding car, which explains the motion blur)

We visited with my sister in Sumter before heading to Myrtle Beach.  This is one of her weenie dogs.

Before checking in the hotel, we shopped.

And made goofy faces while we shopped.

We saw funny signs.

Ate good food on the boardwalk.

Checked out the hotel.

Enjoyed our first visit to the beach.

Watched the sunrise on the beach.

Boogie boarded and soaked up some rays.

The water was freezing!

We had wipeouts and successful rides.

Poolside drinks and swimming. Such a wonderful combo, right?

The pier.

More drinking and more food.

Then back to my sisters house for some R & R before heading back home.

Okay, maybe not much rest.

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