Apr 22, 2012

A House Full Of...

Our nephew came over for a babysitting adventure.  It's always an adventure here.  Forts, masks, swords, secret hideaways, pretending to be a robot or Lord something or another, you name it.  The kids were decked out in gear from head to toe.  At one point, I was too.  Of course, the kids laughed at me.  Evan was a little more reserved than my two.  My two simply don't care and let poo hit the fan, seriously...but, let's hope and pray for a second that doesn't mean literally.  I'm sure stranger things have happened in the Zimmerman house.  Anyway, we tried to get Evan to join in, but he chose to play "quietly" (is their such a word for a toddler?) by himself while the two boys pretended to be...dinosaurs?  Hog hunters?  Quayle catchers?  I don't know, somethin'.  We had a wonderful time, but man, was I worn out from all of that pretend play and play fighting!

Does your child have a particular go-to attire/toy for pretend play?  Princess?  Police Officer?  Paper towel rolls?  I'd love to hear your stories.

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