Apr 5, 2012

Easter at the Zoo

What better way to start off Easter with some muddy, wet Easter egg hunting!  It had rained all morning and some into the afternoon before we were to head out.  We get there and what do my kids do?  Find the wettest, muddiest spots in the grass to trample in.  Of course, it didn't help that we sat at a table right in the middle of a mud puddle either.  Everyone looked as though they entered into a mud wrestling contest by the end of the day.  Kinda' funny, actually.  It's a good thing I decided not to dress them up in their finest for the Easter Bunny!  Aside from all that, we had fun...or at the very least the kids did.  After face painting, bouncing their brains silly in the bouncy houses, and egg hunting, we went to see the dinosaurs.  I had never been.  I didn't know what to expect, really.  I had heard about it from some friends, so before they packed them up, I figured we should probably check them out.  I knew Landon would love seeing them because of his inner Paleontologist dying to get out.  He knows more about dinos than I could ever imagine knowing.  I think Jurassic Park was more education than I needed.  Then we headed over to Lorikeet Landing to feed the birds.  Landon had seen them before and liked the experience, but Liam had never been.  I was curious to see how he would take to the birds.  He did fairly well, but towards the end, I could tell Liam had had enough of the feathery creatures.

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Meet Liam, the egg stealer.  Of course, looking at this photo it looks as though I am.  Hey, if kids can blame the dog, adults can blame the kids, right?

Face painting for Landon

 Arm painting for Liam

Notice the mud?  Wowza!

The animatronic dinosaurs.

Take that, Mr. Dinosaur!

This couldn't have been a better shot.  Liam was wiping his face, making it look as though he was crying about the T-Rex coming to get him. 

Lorikeet Landing

This guy was a huge hit.  I think we've all decided to bring our straw hats for the next visit.

Liam was waving to the bird.  Sweet boy.

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