Apr 5, 2012

Bunny Masks

When we went to the Zoo for some pre-Easter fun, one of the items they had there were bunny masks.  My kids have been hooked to these ever since.  Liam wouldn't have much to do with the hats or masks when we were there, but boy is he making up for lost time.  It was due to rain some yesterday.  I could see the clouds rolling in and feel the wind pick up a tad.  I knew we wouldn't be able to be out for long.  The sun was in and out, which always makes taking photographs a challenge for anyone with a camera.  Oh yes, and toddlers.  We can't forget about those.  Light clothing and light colored skin doesn't help either.  Landon being the goofy kid that he is always makes jokes about everything.  Like turning his mask around so he could mask the eyes in the back of his head.  Liam?  I was surprised he kept his on for as long as he did.  He hates anything constricting.

So, in the spirit of Easter coming up.  I thought these pictures were quite fitting.  They aren't the greatest, but they'll have to do.

Liam signing "open".  He wanted Landon to open the egg for him.

Liam's look:  Huh?  What's that on your face?  Landon:  "That's a mask, Liam.  Yes, you have one, too."

To me, he looks like a little bunny rabbit with his teeth like that.

I swear, I should have named him Forest.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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