Mar 21, 2012

A Whole Lotta' Spring

There's a lot to share from these past several days of sunshine we've had here.  Sorry for the overload.  I love the Spring.  Correction.  I love the beginning of Spring.  The flowers are starting to show off their beautiful, crisp colors and the weather is just right.  The boys couldn't wait to put on their best, scruffy play clothes (and sometimes PJs) to run amok in the yard.  Also, when the weather is consistently warm, you better believe that yard sports will be a daily thing.

This is what I like to call an eight-year-old boy on a mission to find a target for his Nerf gun.  I see two helpless targets waiting cautiously in the distance.  Landon and Liam were both armed with guns - Landon with his manly fighting machine and Liam with his bubble gun.  Nobody stood a chance of escape, especially the two hairy, four-legged creatures tied up in the back yard.  

Disclaimer:  No dog or human was harmed in the line of fire.

How does this thing work again?


Since Liam has been in therapies, more specifically PT, we have been trying to get him to go back to doing normal things -- climbing, going up and down steps without assistance, etc.  We don't have stairs in our home, but we try to use the front step as a tool to help build his confidence, skill, and strength.  He's still a little cautious as he reaches out for my hand (or a finger), but he's getting there little by little.  The couch is a great tool to use as well.  It takes a little more strength to pull himself up.  However, the guest bed doesn't seem to be a problem for him at all.  Oh joy.

And then, he found a line of ants.  Definitely an ant bully.

A weed picker.

A friendly neighbor.

A tree lover.

One day the dark clouds rolled in, hovering over our house like they were preparing for an attack.  Liam found them to be entertaining as he just stood to watch their mysterious movement across the sky.  Sounds silly, but Liam has never witnessed such a thing in his 2.5 years of life.  He was in awe.  Didn't stop him, though.  He trucked along as usual.

Something wicked this way comes.  Liam watching the rolling clouds and lightning.

It got a little lighter outside (as you can see from the picture above) and then Mother Nature decided to have one major fit.  I thought for sure there was a F4 tornado brewing.  I grabbed Liam and went inside.  Come to find out we just had thunderstorms heading our way.  Wowza!

Something wicked this way came and went.

 Landon had PJ Day at school - his favorite day.  It was kind of funny how it worked out because anymore my kids either don't wear clothes around the house (mainly Landon) or they like to play outside in their jammies.  Well, here we were outside playing with chalk.  In what?  Yep.  Landon said he was the most popular kid in school because everyone loved his pajamas.  They said he looked like a candy cane or a lollipop.  Dude loved being the center of attention.

Landon's PJ Day at school.  I miss those days.

Liam is watching closely and learning everything he can.

On St. Patrick's Day, yet another nice day, we went outside so Landon could pick me some flowers.  Of course, this was before we mowed our lawn so there was plenty to go around. 


Then we ventured off for a nice walk around the neighborhood.  I hadn't used Landon's old umbrella stroller for quite some time and thought it might come in handy for these sort of jaunts for Mr. Liam.  He was so happy sitting there like a big boy.

Hellllllloooooo sunshine!  We hope you don't leave us anytime soon.  It's actually been a little hot, especially with the humidity we have here.  And to think, in just a few short days, I will be heading south to even warmer weather for my momcation.  I don't think I am fully prepared, to be honest.  I'll be sure to post some of those pictures, if I haven't died from heat exhaustion.

Because of the new blooms I was able to capture a couple of macro shots of my hostas and new flowers coming in.  I even built up the nerve to photograph a spider, but since I'm not a big fan of the creepy crawly insects, I got nervous about getting too close.  So, the spider shot could have been a ton better, but I chickened out.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I love the catchlights in his eyes.  I never thought in a million years I would ever see those on a tiny spider.

I was a little nervous about getting too close.  Creepy.  Pretty cool catchlights, though.

And, last but not least, we did another home improvement project.  We changed out our porch pole because of all the water damage over the years.  Who wants to look at a dry-rotting pole on someone's porch?  I think the outside of someone's home is a good idea of how they are as people or how they live - slobs, poor, lazy, rich, gaudy, neat, etc.  I think we fell into the lazy category because of how long it took us to fix it.  ;)  I'm hoping to conquer one more project this year.  I'm not going to say what it is just yet in case it doesn't happen, or I may just jinx it.

I hope everyone has a great week, or at least what's left of it.  

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