Mar 23, 2012


It's no doubt, blowing, chasing, and popping bubbles are always a popular activity with kids of all ages.  Liam is having issues with blowing, which could be connected to his speech problems, and why we are blowing bubbles a little more lately.  After having a lengthy conversation with his OT, I'm starting to think that he could possibly have something wrong with his mouth that hasn't been identified yet.  It's really hard to say at this stage.  At any rate, at the very least he loves chasing them.  His face takes on a new form when he sees them floating in the air.  Landon was the bubble blower for the day.  He gets just as excited as I do when he witnesses Liam's reaction. 

And then there's nature's swords that my boys love.  Anytime we've gone to a park or on a walk, you can guarantee they will try to pick up a stick (or two) and pretend to lay down the "Thor" law.  They mean business.  The truth about this picture is, one of my branches was loose so I pulled it off.  Liam thought he would help me reattach it.  Nice try, Liam.


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