Feb 12, 2012

Project 365 {2012}: Week Six in Review

February 4th

February 4th:  I caught Liam playing with his Doodle Pro, practicing his fabulous drawing skills.  

February 5th

February 5th:  I stepped outside to find the sun shining from a perfect spot.  My neightbor's lamp post was my victim of the day.

February 6th

February 6th:  Yet another gorgeous winter day.  This is what happens when I go out to check my mail.  I find a lot of victims to photograph.  

February 7th

Fabruary 7th:  I couldn't decide which photo I wanted to use for this day so I included them both as one.  This is Liam with his DT and ST, both pretty cute photos.  One is of Mary and Liam having a loving moment and the other is of Liam working on his sign language skills.  He signed "please" for the first time.  Score!

February 8th

February 8th:  Strangely, I woke up to a sheet of snow on the ground.  I thought my living room looked extra bright that morning, so naturally, I went to my window to see what the light was from.  And there it was.  So much for a tame winter, but still not bad.  

February 9th

February 9th:  Liam's old PT came back to help him with therapy.  Their reunion was amazing.  He was thrilled to see her again, as was she.

February 10th

February 10th:  During OT, Liam thought that anything on a stick-like object was food....bubbles included. Yum!  

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