Feb 25, 2012

Project 365 {2012}: Week Eight in Review

February 18th

February 18th:  I received this bumper sticker in the mail.  I think it pretty much sums me up.  

February 19th

February 19th:  I managed to get a close up shot of Liam while we were hanging out outside.  I love his eyes.

February 20th

February 20th:  Liam reunited with his swing.  I was surprised he still fit with the bulk of the brace.  He loved it!

February 21st

February 21st:  Liam had ST.  His ST was overjoyed that he was signing 18 words in such a short amount of time.  The boy is super smart!

February 22nd

February 22nd:  I was outside doing something (I can't remember) and I saw these birds fly off of the tree branches.  You know me...SNAP!

February 23rd

Feburary 23rd:  This was Landon's first time on a school bus...ever.  He was SO excited.  However, now I know why I've chosen to take and pick him up from school.  He told me the buses still don't have seat belts and the older kids cuss and say hurt words.  Awesome.  I don't see Landon riding the bus anytime soon.

February 24th

February 24th:  Liam had his OT session -- complete with sprays, snacks, and some fun oral tools.

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