Feb 9, 2012

A Magical Moment

A couple of weeks ago I had to sign paperwork for our PT to come back.  At that point I was hoping for any PT since Liam obviously needed it, but I wanted to request our favorite PT in the whole world.  The Service Coordinator sent me an e-mail letting me know that Liz wasn't taking on anymore patients, but when she found out it was our baby boy, she immediately jumped at the chance to work with him again.  We were thrilled beyond words could ever express.  She's amazing.  It had been over a year since her departure - too long in my opinion. When she called me to discuss the details of scheduling and what had been going on with him over the course of the year, she told me she missed her little chunk and couldn't wait to see us again.  I melted at the sound of those words and I was excited to get back on the saddle with her wonderful PT techniques.  She's very aggressive, which I love.  The kids are in and out of her care in no time at all.

Upon her arrival, Liam took up to her right away.  He instantly wanted to play.  She quickly asked me a few questions then hopped right into action.  As soon as she sat down on the floor, there was an immediate connection between the two of them.  They picked up right where they left off, only this time he was bigger, stronger, more cuddly, more playful, more giggly, and louder.   She was in awe at how far he had come since she had seen him last.  As you can see, their reunion was truly magical.

By the way, I didn't get one single picture of her when she was here before so this time I had to.  

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Their love is undeniable.  Welcome back, Ms. Liz!

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! Sooo sweet. I love this. I am hoping Carsyn forms great bonds with his therapist.


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