Jan 31, 2012

Water Buddies

I find myself forgetting to take shots of the boys during their bath from time to time because I am so scared that Liam will slip and fall.  The last thing I need is for Liam to hurt himself and put himself back in a cast or the camera to take a nice swim.  This was the first time the boys were able to play a little basketball together (a new Christmas toy from his Aunt Suzie).  Liam wasn't so much into the game as he was popping the balls out of the basket.  Typical toddler activity, I suppose.  He was hysterical.  I really have to remember to switch to live view more often.

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There's nothing like a "pit fart" in the tub.  Landon recently discovered that it sounds SO much better when he's wet (and the echo doesn't hurt).  *sigh*


  1. Aww. How fun. Cute photos. How is he doing?

  2. great photos! i can't wait for graham and gwen to be able to take baths together. :) They look like they are having so much fun.


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