Jan 20, 2012

Project 365 {2012}: Week Three in Review

For starters, I hope this new layout is complimentary to all/most computer screens out there.  I changed my look, not only because it's a new year, but because I dislike scrolling side to side and thought I would make life/viewing a little easier for my loyal readers.  I went a little subtle this time.  You know me, I'm all about colors - the brighter, the better (at least for my blog).  I like the simplicity of it.  If you notice anything out of place again (e.g. pictures overlapping), please drop a line to say so.  I also created a new watermark for my blog since I lost some others when my computer was restored.  Maybe it's obvious, maybe it's not.  But, I created this watermark to fit better with the theme/idea/title.  It's BIB, with one of the B's turned backwards to make it look like a butterfly.  Obvious?  It's fitting, right?  Thoughts?

I'm loving taking pictures every day.  I've chosen to continue this on my own because it's helped me remember dates of surgeries, appointments, or just big life happenings from months ago in general.  Without it, I don't know how I would have remembered.  Does this become stressful at times?  Absolutely.  There are days that I either don't want to pick up a camera at all or I get involved and forget to.  I'm hoping to continue down this path for years to come.  It's a blast!

January 14th:  Landon wrote a series of books.  I love his imagination.
January 14th

January 15th:  Landon being the ham that he is had to hit me up for a silly picture.  "Hey mom, look at this!"

January 15th

January 16th:  I had just taken a few photos of Liam playing quietly in his room when I spotted our keys dangling in front of me.  Why not, right?

January 16th

January 17th:  Liam had ST.  We had tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings.  Needless to say, we packed it up and hit the hallway. 

January 17th

January 18th:  I found an old candle I bought for Aaron for his room back in '00.  I can believe he still has it!
January 18th

January 19th:  Landon made himself a Solar Car that came with a book I bought him.  He loves anything educational or things he can build.  Future Engineer, perhaps?
January 19th

January 20th:  A bush outside of our home.  I love the bulbs on it, especially in the winter after a good ice storm.  No ice yet, but the year is still young.
January 20th

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  1. Love all the photos! Your sons seem to be quite the bright, funny, colorful characters! Do they get that from you? I would guess they do, from what I've seen of you through your blog! And I love that candle you bought your husband long ago...I have one similar and I love it, but haven't seen any more of that style since I was given mine way back like 15-18 years ago! Do they sell them like that anymore?? :)


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