Jan 7, 2012

Project 365 {2012}: Week One in Review

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December 31st:  Aaron and I went to a New Years wedding.  I loved having wife and hubby time!

January 1st:  Liam relaxed in his toy tub.

January 2nd:  Liam found playing with my New Years headband was quite entertaining.

January 3rd:  After waking up from a long nap, Liam was ready to show off his sweet faces.  Naps are a beautiful thing.

January 4th:  Landon and Liam bounced on the bed for a little while until Landon's art work caught Liam's eye.  It was all downhill from there.

January 5th:  Liam had an appointment with the Geneticist.
{update:  Liam had blood work done for a Chromosome Disorder.  We won't know the results for awhile.  If they don't find anything, they'll move on to the next test.}

January 6th:  I took the boys to the park.  Liam had fun on the swings for the first time since his cast had been removed.  Nice day, too - 65 degrees!

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