Jan 30, 2012

Project 365 {2012}: Week Four in Review

January 21st

January 21st:  Dad plays Tickle Monster.  Liam loves to be tickled.

January 22nd

January 22nd:  Landon snuggled up to watch TV.

January 23rd

January 23rd:  Nothing exciting happened this day so I played with one of my lenses.

January 24th

January 24th:  Liam had Speech Therapy.  

January 25th

January 25th:  I caught Landon and Liam playing together.  I love Liam's laugh.

January 26th

January 26th:  It rained pretty hard and needed to snap a photo to try out a new action I made.

January 27th

January 27th:  One of Landon's chores is to help me with laundry.  He actually likes it.  Also, this day was Aaron's 40th birthday (he had to work).

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  1. Oh, looks like a great week. I am doing a link up again this year if you want to join.


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