Jan 17, 2012

Project 365 {2012}: Week Two in Review

I've been so incredibly busy these last several days.  It seems like I've disappeared from blogger world for what seems like an eternity.  If it's not one thing in this house, it's another.  I think I am slowly getting back on the saddle after re-installing my entire world onto our new and improved system.  I'm pretty sure it took me a grand total of 24 hours...and I'm exhausted.  I want to say thank you for your patience.  As my sister would say, "You're a keeper."  Now, back to the reason I originally started this post.

January 7th

January 7th:  Liam thought he would help himself to some apples.  Yum.
January 8th

January 8th:  As strange as this might be, this is what I woke up to Sunday morning.  I have no idea why there would be toilet paper in our kitchen.
January 9th

January 9th:  I caught Peyton snuggling with his favorite blanket.
January 10th

January 10th:  Landon built bird houses and other fun things while playing with his work shop.
January 11th

January 11th:  Liam is quickly learning how to work his baby gate.  God help us all.
January 12th

January 12th:  Liam turned 29 months.  He is such a big boy now!
January 13th

January 13th:  Liam's OT played with Liam in the mirror while she brushed his teeth.  I love her.

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  1. Great photos as always! Thanks for stopping in my blog and checking out the "11 things about me" and I look forward to seeing the answers on your own blog! :) Have a blessed day!


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