Jan 16, 2012

Liam turned 29 Months

He actually turned 29 months on the 12th, but long story short, I had a major computer issue to deal with and ran late...on pretty much everything (even losing pictures and other goodies in the process).  Boo.  It's amazing how dependent we are on technology.  I couldn't get over how much of a goober head I was without it.  I felt lost, and I missed connecting with my internet buds.

Liam is moving along.  PT will be starting soon, and I couldn't be more excited to continue on our journey.  Bathtime is still a favorite.  He's in love with all kinds of music (including daily performances by us).  He loves to smile and laugh.  He has been playing "Tickle Monster" a lot lately.  He is walking independently, but still very slow/cautious.  PT will be a breeze.  He's learning more and more in the vocabulary department and what the words mean.  He's as sharp as a tack.  He makes silly faces and tests us all the time.  I could go on for days about his accomplishments/improvements.  Bottom line?  I'm in love with our Herculiam.  He makes me so happy and proud to be his Mama.

I actually took his 29 month photo(s) on the 9th when the weather was decent.  My computer conked out and lost those pictures.  The day I took these it snowed outside.  A lightbulb went off and I thought some snowy photos might actually be a nice touch.  He was very excited about catching snow flakes in the palms of his hands as well as on his tongue. Silly kid.  At first I was a little bummed about losing the photos, but the saying, "everything happens for a reason" is something I have learned to live by and accept.  The snowy photos turned out better anyway.  Glass half full, baby!

I will more than likely take pictures of his 2.5 year mark (30 months) and then take six month photos from there to keep it a little uniform for my own peace of mind. 

Oh, and by the way, I realize my blog is wonky.  My pictures are too big for the photo space available and my header is as big as Texas (which requires scrolling over).  Hopefully soon I will be able to change my blog look for those who have smaller monitor screens.  Mine's pretty big which explains the large layout.  I'm working on it...

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  1. beautiful photo! the blog looks fine on my computer. :)

  2. What a big boy! Clever way to put the date on the image!

    I just redid my blog header and it's slightly smaller for those with smaller monitors. But I love BIG images. I *think* it automatically left justifies on smaller monitors and a horizontal scroll bar is added. I figure if they don't see the stuff in the right sidebar, no big deal.


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