Jan 7, 2012

Breakin' Free

It has been very cold and windy here lately.  We had snow flurries the other day, but nothing to really speak of or get excited about.  In the last few days or so we've been able to endure some outdoor time without feeling Jack Frost nipping at every inch of our bodies.  I took full advantage of those days and gave my kids some much needed fresh air.  They absolutely loved getting out and spreading their wings after what has seemed like a long hiatus.  We broke out the chalk and ride-on toys.  It was great knowing that little Liam got a chance to ride his toy instead of just sitting there in a wheelchair or lying in the grass while Landon had his good time.  And, now that he's getting into drawing scribbling, he loved our chalk time even more - something he could do with Landon.  Before, it was about chucking them across the driveway, chasing them down and chucking them again.  He's really coming along nicely.  I think what makes me the happiest right now is how Landon praises him for everything.  I can't help but smile, and Liam really enjoys it.  His little smirk says a lot, but his eyes say it all when they light up with the gargantuan feeling of accomplishment.

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My children, ladies and gents - goofy and goofier.

Love. Security. Comfort.

It's been a little while since I've posted, or visited blogs.  Did anyone make New Year resolutions?  How are they coming along?  I've made some "goals" for myself.  I've told myself to be a little more patient with my kiddos (and husband), drink less coffee and more diet green tea, lose 15 lbs.(I'm down 5lbs. already), take less pictures (I take A LOT of photos in one setting thinking I'm going to miss something, which crowds my memory), and cut down on computer time (FB, editing, etc.).

At any rate, I hope this will be your best year yet.  Happy trails!


  1. I just love looking at all your photos! I love the first goofy one! Liam's face is hilarious!

    I've been away from blogs for quite awhile now and I'm feeling more motivated to jump back in. It's just something about a new year that does that to you! Happy New Year!


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