Jan 31, 2012

Aaron Turns 40

When I met Aaron he was 25.  My my how time has flown.  He had just come back home from college when we met.  There was an instant connection between us and I knew that we would be together for a long time.  However, I never pictured him as a forty-year-old man.  I guess I was always the one to live in the moment and took one day at a time.  I was never that girl who fast-forwarded into our future and pictured marriage, kids, buying groceries together and celebrating big milestone birthdays.  At first, Aaron wasn't thrilled with the idea of a get-together.  I think it really boiled down to not wanting to face the fact that he is turning the big 4-0.  I am starting to believe that guys take this a little harder than gals.  But, I can honestly say, I'm not jumping for joy over it either.  Getting old scares me. Truth?  I don't care how far south my boobs fall or how flat my butt is at that age.  I don't even care how many wrinkles have shown up on my face or what I weigh.  As long as my kids are happy and my husband loves me unconditionally, I'd say forty would be pretty awesome.

Once everything started to fall into place with the invitations being sent out, picking his birthday location, etc., he eventually came around.  I received a text from him the day before stating how excited he was. In the end, he had a great time spending time with his friends and family.

This is the pre-birthday mini party with the boys.  Landon is goofy and fun.  I think we've established that by his personality I capture on a daily basis.  So, what does Landon (and Liam) get his Dad?  Gag gifts - old man glasses and a "snore pin".  I was kinda' diggin' the snore pin.  I think Aaron should definitely give that a try...for everyone's sake in the house.  Just sayin'.

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Welcome to the Fabulous Forties, hubbers!


  1. Love these. Happy Birthday to him. Great shots.

  2. Yeah.. forty is creeping up on a lot of us, I think. ;)

    The old man glasses shots are a riot!

    Happy Birthday to your hubby! :D


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