Dec 6, 2011

Putting up the Christmas Tree

Putting our beast up is never an easy task.  We've tried putting up our Christmas tree in various spots in the house, trying to find that perfect fit.  It's huge.  I had to make some adjustments this year to get it to back up against the window so we weren't using the tree branches as TV trays (Ha!).  It worked out great and it looks like a real Christmas set up!  I love having a tree in the living room next to a window or couch.  It feels homey.  Before it was backed up into our cubby hole.  It felt a little distant and I didn't want to move the entertainment center again.  I love the new set up.  Does anyone out there have a favorite spot for your Christmas tree?

Landon has really gotten into the Christmas spirit this year.  He turned on the Christmas tunes and very excited to hang our ornaments we buy every year, as tradition in our household.  Anyone have any Christmas traditions?  Most of the time, though, all of them end up at the bottom during the placement stage.  I secretly have to take them back off as he places them to spread them out around the tree.  It was fun to share that time with him.  Liam just watched in awe as we strategically placed every single one.  Once the tree was up and the lights were ready to be turned on, Liam had to touch every single ornament on the tree, as if he were inspecting our work.  He's a nut.  I just put him on the floor and let him have his way.

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Safety first.

Meet The Ornament Sniffer...

The Tree Watcher...

The Tree Guard...

and The Ornament Snatcher

Are you ready for the big day?

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