Dec 14, 2011

Project 365: Week 49

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338.  My Sister came by to pick Landon up for her Secret Santa weekend.  This was a last minute snap shot for our Thanksgiving sign project.  I love her sense of humor. The sign reads:  World's Happiest Genius (upside down for a good laugh)
339.  Liam took a real bath after waiting three long months.  I would be excited, too!
340.  Liam rode one of his ride-on toys for the first time.  He loved it!
341. Liam's therapist brought Liam a Santa hat for a picture project she's working on.  The ornament was just a bonus.
342.  Landon had a Santa Shoppe at school where he bought his family gifts.  Dad's gift got left behind on Monday, so he placed it under our tree a couple days later.
343.  The kids visited the big man.  Liam is still doing very well with sitting on laps.  I hope it lasts!
344.  Landon held up an ornament in front of the tree.  I love the bokeh, and the colors.

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