Dec 30, 2011

Mr. Landonato Head

Since Liam has been in therapy he has discovered new things, such as a Mr. Potato Head.  All these new toys have taught him quite a few things; how to pretend play, improve his fine motor and problem solving skills, as well as teach him body parts just to name a few.  Mr. Potato Head has plenty of body parts to explore and more, including those fun accessories.  But, I'm not telling you anything you don't already know.  I've said it before on different occasions, Landon somehow has a fascination with baby toys.  I'll find him laying on the floor in Liam's room playing with big wooden puzzles, rolling a shopping cart around as if he were at a real supermarket, or playing with some sort of Fischer-Price concoction.  It's a sure thing that Landon doesn't have a problem with pretend play.  The other day I caught Landon pretending to be Mr. Potato Head and thought I would snap a couple of pictures to prove how funny, creative, or just plain goofy my kid really is. 

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