Dec 21, 2011

Color Him Sneaky

Liam has been scooting on his hands and knees, rolling all over the place and pulling up on just about anything he can get his little paws on.  I'm pretty sure he's enjoying this new-found freedom that the cast couldn't give him for a few months.  Liam has recently discovered he can pull at the leaves of our Fica tree plant sitting in the corner of our dining room.  Who needs presents when household items are what they really want the most, right?  Also, he starts at one end of the great room and ends up on the other side in seconds.  He's definitely a sneaky boy...and fast.  He's not quite to his feet yet but we're getting there slowly.  When people say kids are resilient, that is truly an understatement for this kid.  In the last couple of weeks Liam has come so far and smiles every day when he accomplishes something he's never done before.  He's night and day. He's proud.  We're proud.  The title toddler hasn't been one to call his own for awhile, but lately it's all he has been.  He's movin' at mach speeds and it won't be too long before I wake up and discover Liam is walking running around our house.  I can't wait to see that day...again.  But, I think I speak for everyone in our home.

I started working on this post a little at a time yesterday because I was being pulled in different directions.  Since then, and because I didn't feel like changing my entire post, I have an update.  Liam IS on his feet now.  He pulled up on me for the first time today.  He's never been happier or proud of himself.  Landon helped by running for the camera so I could at least get the FIRST attempt at it.  Landon was quick to snap and now I have proof that our little man is moving right along and obviously accomplished something magnificent.  He's not walking just yet, just pulling up and standing.  We're on our way!

Liam on his feet for the first time.

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Dreaming of the outdoors.

What does Liam do when he wants something?  He tugs at my pants as he looks up at me with his big baby blues.  Very smart, Liam. Very smart.

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  1. Yay for standing!! :D

    And that second shot with the cheesy grin kills me. :D


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