Dec 28, 2011

Christmas All Around

To start the Christmas weekend off we went to my In-Laws for a Christmas Eve get-together.  This was nothing short of exciting with a random, "Hey, while we're walking around the neighborhood burning dinner off our thighs, let's go caroling.".  I was nowhere near prepared and a little embarrassed to say the very least.  But, it was all in good fun, and a few neighbors thought it was so fun in fact, they decided to give us a good clap at the end, as well as take the time out to video tape our little spur-of-the-moment charade.  *gasp*  That's all I need is to become a new YouTube sensation, or better yet, a YouTube joke.  It was fun, but I'm hoping next time (if there is a next time) I can be a little more call everyone I know.

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Landon was the knock 'n  run guy.

Antsy, uncooperative kiddos and thirty-something frames later, this is "the one".  I'll take it!

These are the bloopers. When you're busy setting up a tripod and adjusting settings for lighting, it's amazing what you can capture during the in-between times - facial expressions, people talking, sneezing, etc.  They make for some pretty fun photographs.

I can't wait to caption these...

Aaron:  What is going on?
Mom:  Evan, stop that.
Jen:  It's okay mom, I'll just sing him a song.  He'll be fine.  "Ohhhhh holy......"
Dad:  I think I'm gonna pass out.

Looks as though Mamaw and Papaw are the only ones in the Christmas spirit.

Dan:  Why are we taking this picture again?
Jen:  You better knock that dirty look off your face, Dan.  I mean it.
Landon:  I can't believe I got clothes for Christmas.  How lame.

Liam:  Oh man, I think I'm gonna be sick.
Mom:  I think Liam just threw up.  That's hilarious.
Dad:  At least they're your shoes and not mine.  *devilish laugh*

Here is the good one.  Well, with the exception of Papaw's "high on Christmas" look.

This is the good one.

After we left we went to a local park in town to see all the pretty Christmas lights before heading home.

 Then, we had our little Christmas the morning of.  I love watching my boys' faces light up.  Liam finally got into the spirit...of ripping paper.  I think he had more fun doing that than seeing a new toy magically revealed.  Every time the paper would make a ripping sound, he would let out a big laugh.  Landon got tickled just watching him.

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That afternoon Aaron and I had our annual PJ Potluck Christmas gathering.  We usually have a good turnout and the food is always de-lish.  We had a wonderful time the entire holiday weekend.  There was never a dull moment between the two sets of families.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as we did!


  1. looks like you had a great time. I love liam's jammies!

  2. What gorgeous shots!! Looks like an awesome Christmas. Love your new look. :)

  3. Great captions on the bloopers! The impromptu caroling was more fun than I expected - and I think I've recruited some others for next year. :)


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