Dec 6, 2011

A Bath...Finally.

If anyone knows my kid they will know that my little one loves his bath time, or just water in general.  I mean, LOVES it.  Since he's been out of physical commission for a little bit and because he couldn't get in the water, it was a special treat for Liam to finally get a real bath since the cast came off.  We were pretty stoked, too.  His skin was extremely dry and nasty, so we were just as ready.  I have never seen so much excitement come from one kid in my life.  He's back, folks!  And, going by that huge smile, I'd say he's a pretty happy camper.

Welcome back, buddy.  Welcome back.

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  1. Yay for a bath! :D

    My nephew had a broken leg when he was two months old... I remember how happy he was when it finally came off and he got to splash in the water!! :)

  2. OMG, this post makes me smile. And brought tears to my eyes. What JOY! I'm so so happy that he is out of his cast.

  3. Andie, you nailed that first shot in every way. Perfect! <3

  4. Yea Liam! He's such a precious fellow and I haven't even met him! I can tell by his precocious smile and sweet spirit that just shine through! I have missed reading your blog lately, been so occupied with full time grad school this past semester! But I'm on Christmas break now! If you can call it a "break"! haha in some ways it is I guess. Hope you all are having a lovely Christmas season! Stop in sometime at my humble blog! I will try to put your blog button on there, if I find one for you!


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