Nov 19, 2011

project 365: week 46

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317.  Aaron was nice enough to snap a few photos of me.  I never get any, so it was nice being in front of the lens for a change.
318.  Liam turned 27 months!
319.  I don't remember my maple being this red this time of year, so I took a picture of the pretty red leaves growing on it.
320.  Liam enjoyed some outside time with his friends.  Madison was sweet enough to let Liam play with her ball.
321.  We opened Landon's new Spongebob Lego set he bought with his birthday money.
322.  Professor Landon teaches me Anatomy 101 - the brain, blood stream, bones, etc.  Where does he come up with this stuff?
323.  I had a nice, hot cup of Joe to get my busy day started.  Coffee always makes my days seem less chaotic.


  1. You have adorable little dudes! I love meeting other mamas of boys...we have our own little sorority, you know?! I'm a fan of pics...I'm just terrible at it. My hubby is much better at taking pictures than me!

  2. Beautiful selfie & gotta love that coffee

  3. These are so great. Love them all especially the first two. I love the look around here. Looks great. working on your spotlight post now. :)

  4. Nice to "see" you! :D And coffee makes mornings doable. ;)

    Love the new look for your blog, too.

  5. Love that you got in front of the camera. It is always hard to remember to do that once and awhile! The leaves are beautiful and I am loving the anatomy lesson. :)


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