Nov 8, 2011

a moment of happiness

Liam is a happy camper.  He's always finding something to get into, or better yet, make his heart go pitter patter.  He plays like it's nobody's business.  He wheels himself everywhere, and I mean evvvvvvverywhere.  Liam discovered my long, flowing curtains during a drive-by.  He stopped abruptly and turned himself around.  I could hear the tires squeal like something out of a cartoon.  I love how he plays peek-a-boo with me and how big and full of life his smile is.  He is the sweetest, and I can never hear "He's the best baby.  I can't get over how good he is!" too much.  And, they're right.  He really is.  I feel so incredibly blessed to have not one but two wonderful kids in my life.

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Every time I sing to Liam, he becomes a statue.  He loves music.

Update:  Liam goes back to the Orthopedic next week for a check up, then gets his cast off sometime at the beginning of December.  He is due to get measured for his brace, then the fun begins.  He'll be in his brace (whatever that looks like) for a year or less, depending on how he does.  PT will come back into play while he has his brace on.  So, around 3.5 years, he should be good to go.  Way to go, buddy!  You're doing fantastic!


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