Nov 20, 2011

handmade goodies and girls

I love it when Landon comes home with crafts he made at school.  I usually get them around holidays and such.  I'm sure I'll have more coming my way this week for Thanksgiving the two days he's in school.  One year around this time he came home dressed as an Indian.  He made the hat out of construction paper and necklace out of pasta, which he wore home, along with an old art shirt he painted on.  He looked so cute.  This time, for Halloween, he came home with a glittery web mask.  I thought it was pretty neat, and had I known before I had invested in mask for his costume, I would have used it instead.  He was very attached.  I even caught him wearing it to bed a time or two.  Little boys want to be superheros at heart and I love it. 

In recent posts I have talked about neighbor kids and how Landon is smitten with one in particular, Madison.  She a doll baby and so friendly.  She jumps out of her clothes when she hears or sees us in our back yard.  Her face lights up and it melts my heart big time.  When we get our fence, I'm sure that will be a sad day for Miss Madison as well as the others living close by.  So sad.

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If I don't get a chance to talk to you, I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving!


  1. I love the third one from the bottom. :D

  2. That is way too cute - absolutely adorable that he's got such a crush.


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